Our Team

Roo, a 4th year CMM student, first realized her passion for peer mentoring as an undergraduate student at CUNY Brooklyn College, located in her hometown of Brooklyn NY. Through her experiences mentoring students, as the head of an undergraduate research group, Roo perceived an unmet need on her campus – a lack of guidance where it was sorely needed, to aid students in the process of choosing a career path, preparing for graduate school applications, and everything in between, especially for students headed for the pre-health professions. As such, she founded the Pre-Health Peer Mentoring Program, a program designed to help students find their passion, expose them to all their options, connect them with their communities on and off campus, and build competitive applications in the process. Today, she is continuing her mission to help students connect with their peers and find support, community, inspiration, motivation, and ultimately success in their graduate school careers and in the careers that follow.

Ruchama (Roo) Steinberg

The Peer Collective Committee, Chair

Cellular and Molecular Medicine 


Hannah is a 6th year BCMB student and plans to graduate in May of this year. She and Nadine Bucca, a previous graduate student, co-founded GSA Peer Mentoring in 2016 when they both realized the need for organized peer support among graduate students. While the group made some great progress in the first few years, Hannah is thrilled that so many new students have recently joined the committee and are working hard to transform this organization into a community that will provide even more support to students than she could have originally imagined.

Hannah Little

Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Peer Collective Committee, PR Manager


Marah Wahbeh is the JHSAP liaison for the peer mentoring committee and is a second year Human Genetics student. In the lab, you can find her in the tissue culture room trying to get her iPSCs to work with her (her work is focused on studying schizophrenia risk variants in the Avramopoulos lab) or updating her lab notebook (eternal struggle). Outside of the lab, Marah enjoys singing in choir, reading poetry, and doing yoga. Having only been in graduate school for a year and a half now, she realized pretty early on the importance of a having a supportive community in getting through the unique experience of getting a PhD. Being a part of the peer mentoring program, her hope is to help provide a space for graduate students to connect and build that support across programs and years. 

Marah Wahbeh

The Peer Collective Committee, JHSAP Liason

Human Genetics 


An advocate for science and communication, Taylor is a first year student and joined the GSA Peer Mentoring Program as a Digital Content Manager. She's passionate about using digital outlets to highlight offline events and student connections on our online platforms. Taylor completed her Bachelor of Science at Rochester Institute of Technology where she engaged in a variety of mentorship responsibilities through Teaching Assistant positions. For fun, Taylor likes to explore Baltimore and meet new people; she also writes and produces digital content for her own website. 

Taylor Evans

The Peer Collective, Digital Content Manager

Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Amber is  a 4th-year Pharmacology graduate student studying prostate cancer. She grew up in San Jose, California and hopes to get back to her family there after graduate school. She loves killing it at recreational broomball and floor hockey in her spare time, and equally loves bingeing chips and Netflix. Amber is excited to help foster a more open, healthy environment for her fellow graduate students through The Peer Collective. 

Amber de Groot 

The Peer Collective Committee, UHS Liason



Elizabeth is a 5th year Human Genetics student and winner of the GSA Program Representative of the Year Award for 2018. Her passion for peer mentoring is based in the goals of helping other grad students learn from her experiences and improving the grad school experience through peer support.

Elizabeth Partan

The Peer Collective Committee, PDCO Liason

Human Genetics


Shantel is a 3rd year Cellular and Molecular Medicine graduate student studying pancreatic cancer. She heard of the GSA’s efforts to revive the peer mentoring organization and she immediately wanted to get involved. She believes having a support network of peers to share their experiences can drastically help with the hardships of graduate school. She is an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity, and she hopes to create a more open and inclusive environment for graduate students through The Peer Collective. 

Shantel Angstadt

The Peer Collective Committee, Graduate Program Liason

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

As a GSA Committee, we also work very closely with the members of the Graduate Student Association of JHSOM.