Resources by monthly theme:

Resources commonly used by graduate students: 

UHS Mental Health, Appointments, 410-955-1892




Graduate student policies,


SOM academic calendar,

Self-service portal through registrar’s office,


SOM courses


SOM Transportation and parking

GSA website,


UHS, or call 


Tax office,






Welch Library,



SOM Diversity,

Diversity Leadership Council,


Office of International Services,






Awards and funding opportunities,


Speak2us (reporting an issue),


Reporting mistreatment,


Sexual assault response and prevention,


GoHop online,

If you can't find what you're looking for, check out the following lists of campus resources:

SOM Getting help,

  • (includes links and/or phone numbers to JHSAP, UHS, suicide hotline, mental health, primary care, urgent care, harassment and discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual assault helpline, blood/biological exposure/needle stick, chemical exposure, chemical/biological spill, fire, gas leak, radiation control, utility outage, maintenance and operations, security/walking escorts, transportation/vehicle escort)

List of resources